Administration and Communication


  1. Dr. Julius Olayo (Chairman)
  2. Samuel Kithinji (Member)
  3. Joshua Kamana (Member)
  4. George Gichonjo (Member)
  5. Salome Mwiti (Secretary)

 The Terms of Reference:

  1. Ensure that the Scheme complies with statutory and regulatory requirements and the Trust Deed including all reporting and disclosure requirements to members and the Authority;
  2. Ensure that the Scheme shares accurate, clear, relevant and timely information with members to enable them to understand the operations of the Scheme and make informed decisions;and
  3. Recommend to the Board the necessary actions in respect of administration and communication at least once in every three months.
  4. Monitor, review and make recommendations to the Board regarding the appointment of the Administrator, fees payable to the Administrator and make recommendations to the Board regarding the Trustee’s remuneration policy.
  5. Ensure the accurate determination of exiting Members’ benefits, including the distribution of deceased Members’ benefits, and respond to Members’ concerns over benefits.
  6. Carry out education of Scheme Members and Board of Trustees
  7. Ensure that Members have access to relevant scheme information in a clear and comprehensive format including any changes to the policies or legislation affecting the scheme.
  8. Ensure the proper management of the Scheme information and a smooth transition when there is change of Administrators.
  9. The committee shall be responsible for organizing the annual general meeting and Members’ days.
  10. Determine the performance measures to be used in assessing the Scheme’s performance regarding all administration-related issues and oversee the annual performance review of the Scheme, the Board and the Administrator.