Value Statement


An exceptional pension scheme offering comfort in retirement


To ensure prudent investments of Scheme Funds and provide timely benefits to members and beneficiaries

Core Values

We shall uphold the highest standard of transparency and accountability in the management of the Scheme funds.

We shall treat all members and beneficiaries equally and in a fair manner in the distribution of benefits and the application of rules and guidelines.

We shall conduct the affairs of the Scheme with utmost respect to the members and other stakeholders. Equally, members and other service providers related to the Scheme shall be expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner

Customer Focus:
The Scheme places the member first by upholding the philosophy of customer-driven service delivery. Trustees are expected to demonstrate a high level of responsiveness to members’ needs.

We shall constantly seek new ideas and opportunities to grow the Scheme funds and improve management of the Scheme for the benefit of the members.