The DC Scheme has 3,163 members as at the close of the year 30th June 2022. 100 members exited the scheme. 65.42% of the members are above 46 to 60 years, 60 being the mandatory retirement age.

The net assets decreased by 2.3% from 13.871 billion to 13.552 billion. Payments to retirees increased by 117% from Ksh 407 million to Kshs 884 million. Pension contribution increased by 2% from Ksh786 to Ksh803 million. Investment income decreased by 20% from 1.5 billion to 1.2 billion. Overall interest distributable to members was negative 1.72% compared to 12.36% in 2021.

The reduced performance was attributed to the negative valuation recorded in treasury bonds and equity market. 18% of the fund value is in equities, 65% in government securities and 11% in properties.

Ksh Amount in Billions