Regulation 37 of The Retirement Benefits Act 2000, requires the Board of Trustees to prepare a statement of the principles governing the scheme’s investment decisions.
The statement is intended for the management of the investments of Teachers Service Commission Staff Retirement Benefits Scheme and may not be appropriate for other purposes.
In establishing such a policy, Trustees are in cognizant that they act on behalf of members and that members are expected to have different investment objectives, time horizons and risk tolerance.
The Trustees consider the varying investment needs of these different groups when contemplating on investments that reasonably meet the average risk/return profile.
The Board of Trustees has taken a diversified approach while undertaking prudent investment decisions as guided by the investment policy and RBA limits.

Areas of investment

2Government Bonds60.2320-4090
5Cash Deposits3.390-530
6Call Deposits2.460-55
7Bank Balance0.270-55