Beneficiary Name: Nelson Matui

County: Kajiado

Nelson Matui is a dependant to a Secretariat Staff who passed on while in service. Nelson is giving  highlights on how the Scheme has changed his life and that of his siblings.

Retiree Name: Mrs. Margaret Kioko

County: Makueni

Previous Workstation: TSC Head Office

Brief of retirement journey

Mrs Kioko retired from service in the year 2014 and shortly after relocated to join her husband Mr. Kioko at their rural home in Makueni.  She quickly adjusted into retirement life since she already had previously established economic activities such as Livestock, Rabbit, Poultry and  Crop Farming, that she would switch to, and which helped her retain the work schedule that she was accustomed to while working at TSC.

She emphasized to those members who are still working that they need to prepare something early enough to keep them occupied after retirement, and that pension money should be kept only for retirement purpose to take care of anything unforeseen during old age.

Over and above her routine economic activities she is a Chairperson to several women groups and also a Church elder.

Retiree Name: Mr Nickson Lolgisoi

County: Nakuru

Previous Workstation: TSC Head Office

Brief of retirement journey

Mr Lolgisoi started his career as a teacher in May 1982 before being promoted to an education officer 15 years later. Afterwards he was transferred to TSC in the year 2002 where he worked until retirement in the year 2018 and settled in Nakuru County together with Mrs. Lolgisoi who is a retired teacher.

He started planning for his retirement by saving through Baringo Teachers SACCO and later bought land in Nakuru County on where his current retirement home stands.  Mr. Lolgisoi currently engages in livestock and poultry farming which carry their fare share of challenges as he has narrated in the video.

He advised that one should nature a support system way before retirement, so as to easily integrate with people and communities around one’s retirement home when time for retirement comes. Mr. Lolgisoi is currently a member in several welfare groups and also takes part in church activities